Ballet School

If you are a young dancer there are many schools you can go to here are some ideas:

  1. Royal Ballet School – In London or Bath
  2. Elmhurst Ballet School – In Birmingham
  3. Central School of Ballet – In London

Royal Ballet School

The Royal Ballet School is the top Ballet school in England followed by Elmhurst. The school is based in London( convent garden). It will help you improve your technique in many things such as: performance,how you express yourself in dancing.

There email :

Audition dates 2018

Junior Associate and senior

London  : 29th May

London :  Wednesday 30th May

London : Thursday 31st May

London : Friday 1st June

Mid Associate ( 11-13 years)

London  : Sunday 28th January

London : ( also applying for white lodge): Sunday 14th January

Birmingham: Thursday 1st February

Their Address : 46 Floral St, London WC2E 9DA

Central school of ballet 

The central school of ballet will allow children from age 3- 16 for all abilities. Their junior programme  has a range of students from all stages in ballet. For pupils  aged 3-16 provides an inspiring foundation.  their youngest dancers focus on developing their way of rhythm.  Then their higher levels will be the one who might want to take dance as a career.

their number  : 020 7837 63322

their website:

 Audition dates                                                                        

London: 9th December 2017

Leeds: 11th February 2018

London: 18th February 2018

Their Adress : 10 Herbal Hill, Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5EG


Winsor and Newton Alcohol base Pens(Review)

These Pens/Markers is under the brand ‘Winsor and Newton’. Any Painter has heard of this brand even you don’t know anything thing about it. The Promarkers are high quality alcohol base marker theses markers can make great gradients and different tones.


These markers are mainly aimed at illustrators because easy to blend and gives a nice and smooth finished. Winsor and Newton has many colour choices which includes skin tones , neon colours, cool and warm tones. They have 148 colours from intensely vibrant to clam and gentle colour.

These pens are a good  and cheaper for Copic markes (most popular alcohol marker.)  Copic marker can be extremely expensive and these promarker are a good substitute and it applies smoothly and with out white specks when you  colour in your illustrations. These pen are also really good for details  sinces theres a bullet nib, which haves a fine point. This pen can also colour bigger areas because theres a chisel nib .

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Types of Paint (Part One)

Painting comes up a lot in the art industry, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Bob Ross; it can be as detail as you want or as minimal as you’d like. There’s no rules to painting.  All these different painters use different types of paint, it can be confusing what paint you are using and how to use it.  In this blog post I will show you different types of paint (most of them), how to do the basics of the paint and some beginner’s tips!


First used in egyptian times, watercolour has become one of the most popular medium around the world. Watercolour paints are mixed with water and  then applied onto watercolour paper (mainly cotton as it absorbs the water). Watercolour can be translucent but its opacity and vibrancy can be increased by adding ‘Chinese White’ which contains Zinc Oxide. Watercolour can be applied onto the paper with a brush- the brushes is usually a round shape with a pointy tip. The shape of this brush makes it hold water nicely, or a flat bush.

Watercolour Paint with brushes besides it. 

 Flat and round brushes next to each other.

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In ballet you can go and see different companies preform shows, here you will be able to see some of the most famous ballet shows in the world.


Swan Lake

Swan lake is one of the most well known ballets, it features Prince Siegfried and a lovely swan princess named Odette. Odette is under  a spell cast by a sorcerer, she spends the day in a swan swimming on a lake and then at night she is transformed into her beautiful human form.

Prince Siegfried and Odette quickly fall in love as in most fairy tales, but the sorcerer has more tricks to play.




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Sleeping Beauty 

The wicked fairy Carabosse is so angry when she wasn’t invited to Princess Aurora’s christening. She then gives Aurora a spinning wheel and said that one day she will prick her finger on the wheel and die. But the Lilac Fairy cast a spell on Aurora that said she will not die , but she will fall into a deep sleep, which only a Prince can break the curse.


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La Bayadere

  1. This is a ballet about love and mystery. The ballet features a temple dance called Bayadere, she is loved by a Solo ( a noble warrior) but she is also loved by the High  Brahmin, but she does not love him back, as she does Solo. This ballet is  very famous because the corde ballet do 32 arabesques and corrous.



Ballet is a great sport you can do whether you do it seriously or just for fun.

In ballet you may need too know the main positions you would find it very hard to get the steps .

They are as follows:

  • first position
  • second postion
  • third position
  • forth crossed
  • forth open
  • fifth
  • parralel first of sixth


There are also very important positions all ballet movements are created by these they are as follows

  • croise devant
  • efface devant
  • a la second
  • croise derriere
  • ecarte
  • epaule
  • efface derriere
  • en face
  • derriere
  • devant